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Millimeters to inches (mm to in) Metric conversion calculator

Welcome to our millimeters to inches (mm to in) conversion calculator. You can enter a value in either the millimeters or inches input fields. For an understanding of the conversion process, we include step by step and direct conversion formulas. If you'd like to perform a different conversion, just select between the listed Length units in the 'Select between other Length units' tab below or use the search bar above. Tip: Use the swap button to switch from converting millimeters to inches to inches to millimeters.

millimeters (mm)

inches (in)

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1 mm = 0.03937008 in1 in = 25.4 mm

Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula
mm *1 cm
10 mm
*1 in
2.54 cm
= in

Direct Conversion Formula
mm *1 in
25.4 mm
= in

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inches 0
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