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Metric tons to kilograms (metric tons to kg) Metric conversion calculator

Welcome to our metric tons to kilograms (metric tons to kg) conversion calculator. You can enter a value in either the metric tons or kilograms input fields. For an understanding of the conversion process, we include step by step and direct conversion formulas. If you'd like to perform a different conversion, just select between the listed Mass / Weight units in the 'Select between other Mass / Weight units' tab below or use the search bar above. Tip: Use the swap button to switch from converting metric tons to kilograms to kilograms to metric tons.

metric tons

kilograms (kg)

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1 metric tons = 1000 kg1 kg = 0.001 metric tons

Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula
metrictons *2204.6226 lb
1 metrictons
*1 kg
2.2046 lb
= kg

Direct Conversion Formula
metrictons *1000 kg
1 metrictons
= kg

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