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Currency Converter and Foreign Money Exchange Rates

We've listed the 16 most used conversions with our currency converter. If you see the one you want, just click on it. If you don't see what you are looking for, please use the search tool by typing in what you would like to convert, ie. US Dollar to Euros, UK Pounds to US Dollar, US Dollar to Japanese Yen, etc. As you type, we will display the available options to you. Once you see the currency conversion you want, just click on the link. Note: for faster access to your favorites, make sure to use the 'your favorites' button so you can save and organize your favorites.

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US Dollar to Euro
UK Pounds to US Dollar
US Dollar to Japanese yen
Australia Dollar to US Dollar
Canada Dollar to US Dollar
Euro to Indian Rupee
Euro to US Dollar
UK Pound to Indian Rupee
US Dollar to Indian Rupee
US Dollar to Canadian dollars
US Dollar to Malaysian Ringgits
US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee
US Dollar to Philippine Peso
US Dollars to Thai Baht
Saudi riyal to Indian Rupee
Sri Lankan rupee to Indian Rupee

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