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Centiliters to fluid ounces (cl to fl.oz.) Metric conversion calculator

Welcome to our centiliters to fluid ounces (cl to fl.oz.) conversion calculator. You can enter a value in either the centiliters or fluid ounces input fields. For an understanding of the conversion process, we include step by step and direct conversion formulas. If you'd like to perform a different conversion, just select between the listed Volume units in the 'Select between other Volume units' tab below or use the search bar above. Tip: Use the swap button to switch from converting centiliters to fluid ounces to fluid ounces to centiliters.

centiliters (cl)

fluid ounces (fl.oz.)

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1 cl = 0.33814023 fl.oz.1 fl.oz. = 2.95735296 cl

Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula
cl *1 l
100 cl
*33.814 fl.oz.
1 l
= fl.oz.

Direct Conversion Formula
cl *1 fl.oz.
2.95735296 cl
= fl.oz.

cubic feet 0
cubic meters 0
cubic millimeters 0
cubic yards 0
cups 0
fluid ounces 0
gallons (liquid) 0
liters 0
milliliters 0
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