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Metric conversion and Currency converter

Our metric conversion and currency converter search tool let's you quickly find the conversion you want. Type in what you would like to convert, ie. meters to feet, pounds to kilograms, inches to centimeters, US Dollar to Euro, etc whether it is a metric conversion or currency. You can also use standard abbreviations or a combination of each. ie. km to miles for kilometers to miles, lb to kg for pounds to kilograms, ml to l for milliliters to liters, GBP to INR for UK Pounds to Indian rupees, etc.

As you type, we will display the available options to you. Once you see the metric or currency conversion you want, just click on the link from the dropdown. If you don't see any results, review the format we use and your spelling and use the [backspace] key until you see results and then scroll through them to find what you are looking for. You can also use the links below the search tool to browse all available options in the categories you are interested in.

Enter what you would like to convert:
ie. feet to meters, US Dollar, pounds to kilograms, grams to ounces

Our most common search terms in each conversion category
We now do over 8000 conversions! So, if you don't see what you are looking for, use the search tool above
or click on the Conversion type below, ie Area, Length, etc.

acres to square feet
square meters to square feet
square feet to square meters
hectares to acres
acres to square miles
acres to hectares
square feet to acres
square meters to acres
US Dollar to Euro
UK Pounds to US Dollar
US Dollar to Japanese yen
Australia Dollar to US Dollar
Canada Dollar to US Dollar
Euro to Indian Rupee
Euro to US Dollar
UK Pound to Indian Rupee
Fuel Economy
mpg to liters/100 kilometer
liters/100 kilometer to mpg
mpg to gallons/100 mile
gallons/100 mile to mpg
liters/100 kilometer to gallons/100 mile
gallons/100 mile to liters/100 kilometer
gallons/100 kilometer to liters/100 kilometer
liters/100 kilometer to gallons/100 kilometer

feet to meters
meters to feet
kilometers to miles
centimeters to inches
inches to feet
miles to kilometers
inches to centimeters
feet to inches
Mass / Weight
pounds to kilograms
grams to ounces
kilograms to pounds
ounces to grams
grams to pounds
ounces to pounds
pounds to grams
grams to kilograms
kilometers/hour to miles/hour
miles/hour to kilometers/hour
knots to miles/hour
meters/second to miles/hour
miles/hour to meters/second
feet/second to miles/hour
miles/hour to feet/second
feet/second to meters/second

tablespoons to cups
milliliters to liters
cubic feet to cubic meters
cubic feet to cubic yards
cubic inches to liters
fluid ounces to cups
teaspoons to tablespoons
cubic inches to cubic feet

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