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Metric conversion, Currency converter, and GPA Calculator

ptenez.ru includes thousands of free online conversions including metric conversions, our currency converter, and GPA calculator. With unique features like showing the algebraic steps for each formula and metric conversion to saving your favorite metric and currency conversions for quick access, our online conversion tools do more than just convert pounds to kilograms, miles to kilometers, USD to INR, etc. we make it easy and teach you at the same time.

We currently do metric conversions in distance/length, area, volume, weight/mass, speed, and fuel economy and our currency converter handles over 80 world currencies. We are also actively expanding our list to include more conversions and features.

Metric conversion Currency Converter GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator

: Not sure how to calculate your GPA or want a great tool that allows you to save your course and grade inputs? Our GPA calculator has been written to make your life much easier. Whether it is for high school or college, you can enter as many courses as you want, inserting new rows as necessary. You can also delete and reorganize your courses by dragging/dropping them. Your credits and GPA are calculated automatically, as you type, and you can easily save your GPA inputs also.

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Our site also offers additional help to users by allowing you to create an account and post questions on our forums. Whether it is feedback on the site, or a question you have with the formula to convert miles/seconds to kilometers/seconds or kilograms to ounces for a homework problem, you can post your question and receive answers from other users.

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